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Feed Your Soul Bakery

Check out the Feed Your Soul Bakery! It’s about the things in life that feed your soul. The things that make you feel good on the inside. It’s about doing the most with what you have. For me that means baking with quality ingredients and giving back. But it took me some time to figure that out. Prior to Feed Your Soul, I was a trader on the American Stock Exchange and was going to law school in the evenings. Life was busy, but it was time to do something more meaningful…something that would give me passion and purpose… and feeding people was close to my heart. So I decided to create a business that would serve as a vehicle to give back. I chose cookies because they make people happy … they’re a timeless treat and they’re so easy to share. Today, we offer a premium line of cookies, bars and other innovative desserts. We take pride in our process, our facility, our team, our products, and our mission to give back. We bake integrity into everything we do. Visit Feed Your Soul Bakery today!

– Mya Zoracki, founder