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Autumn in Stowe – Stowe Community Church, Vermont

Stowe Community Church is one of the oldest non-denominational churches in the country. We are situated in the heart of one of the most beautiful towns in New England, and we have a heart for our community. Photo credit: Jatin Thakkar – –

The Stowe Community Church is a historic church in the heart of Stowe, Vermont. The church was founded in 1818 and has since played an essential role in the community, serving as a place of worship, community gathering, and cultural events.

The Stowe Community Church is an iconic landmark in the town, with its classic New England architecture and white steeple towering over the surrounding buildings. The church’s interior is just as beautiful, with its wooden pews, stained glass windows, and pipe organ.

In addition to its regular worship services, the Stowe Community Church hosts various cultural events throughout the year. These events include concerts, lectures, art exhibits, and special services and events for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

One of the most popular events the church hosts is the Stowe Community Christmas Eve Service. This service features a candlelight procession, Christmas carols, and a reading of the Christmas story, and has become a beloved tradition for many families in the area.

The Stowe Community Church also plays a vital role in community service and outreach. The church hosts several community events throughout the year, including a fall harvest supper and a winter carnival, and is involved in various charitable organizations and initiatives.

The Stowe Community Church is an essential and beloved institution in Stowe, Vermont. Its beautiful architecture, rich history, and commitment to community service and outreach make it a cornerstone of the community and a cherished place of worship and cultural events.