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Did You Know? The word “muscle” comes from a Latin term meaning “little mouse.”

Bend your arm at the elbow and flex. What do you see when you look at your bicep? Do you see a mouse? The ancient Romans did! According to Merriam-Webster., the Ancient Romans saw the resemblance of a tiny rodent, which is why it’s called a “muscle,” a word derived from the Latin term musculus—meaning “little mouse,”

Here are a few trivia facts about muscles:

  1. The smallest muscle in the human body is the stapedius in the middle ear. It is only about 1.5 centimeters long.
  2. The most significant muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus or the buttocks muscle. It is also one of the strongest muscles in the body.
  3. The strongest muscle in the human body is the masseter muscle, located in the jaw and responsible for chewing.
  4. Muscles make up about 40% of a person’s total body weight.
  5. Muscles can only pull; they cannot push. This is why we have pairs of muscles that work together to move our limbs in opposite directions.
  6. The term “muscle memory” refers to the ability of our muscles to remember and repeat movements that we have practiced many times, such as playing an instrument or typing on a keyboard.
  7. When we shiver, our muscles produce heat to keep our bodies warm.
  8. The word “muscle” comes from the Latin word “musculus”, which means “little mouse”. Ancient Romans thought some muscles looked like little mice running under the skin.